The first software in the world that can export structureal model to Tekla Structures with connection definitions

You can prepare drawings necessary for the production with Matmas, and also you can transfer building model together with its joints into Tekla Structures in order to get more complex details and production drawings at the same time. Another similar use is to obtain necessary information for cost analysis by measuring the materials used.

Fast And Easy Designs For Economic Buildings

Matmas is a software which enables you to design the buildings, in which there are mezzanines, which allows crane to be used, according to standards which have been accepted in the world, more strongly, more fastly, more easily and, most important of all, more economically.

The software aims at reducing the workloads of engineers and enabling engineers to focus on more complex buildings by minimizing time loss and even its possibilities when they are designing such buildings which are frequently met.

Our main working principle is to search economical systems, to add them, to update and improve the software towards this direction in order for the companies using Matmas to be competitive in the market conditions which is getting harder day by day

One Step Further From Ordinary Peb Software

Matmas shows similarity between the sofware designing Pre-Engineered Buildings, PEB, but presents one step further from this software.

PEB are steel portal frame systems with single layer parameter cross section column and beam. Information such as building sizes, types, affecting loads of these systems, earthquakes etc. can be entered parametrically in PEB software. These sofware present a complete solution for such buildings.

Matmas, however, enables the same buildings to be modeled by using standard profiles with steel truss, castellated beam or hot rolled steel profiles in addition to such buildings. And also different building models can be easily formed according to needs by the user, by using different type of roofs side by side in the same project and at different levels.