The most successful steel building manufacturers are the ones which use its human power, equipment infrastructure and materials the most efficiently.

Maximizing the effectiveness can be possible by using efficient software. Design, detailing the building and cost calculation should be in effective software

When software to be used in steel building design is being chosen, criteria such as first of all, specifications presented, sufficiency of technical support services, development potential and investment cost etc. should be taken into consideration.

The purpose of the softwar e is to incr ease efficiency and pr oductivity. Specifications listed below shall ease your work when choosing t he correct software.

  • Start by making a control list which shows the software, with what specifications, you need while choosing the software.
  • Request sample report and drawings, ask if it is a trial version.
  • If there is a trial version, watch videos prepared for training and try the program.
  • Listen To Experiences Of The Users
  • Request the list of companies using the program in the city where you live. Ask those people
  • In which matters they face difficulties,
  • Whether they get technical assistance.
  • To what extent the people giving assistance to software have the grasp of the subject.
  • When they request an addition to the software, how long for it has taken for it to be realized.
  • How long the problems faced is has taken to be solved,
  • How much the software has improved since the day they bought it.
  • How much specifications added has provided advantage to them.

  • Decide by considering easiness of use, advantages provided, controllability of the calculations made, whether efficiency has increased or not, time it has gained.
  • Make cost analysis of the software
  • Don’t pay money for the specifications you don’t need. Definitely learn if there is the possibility of removing the specifications you don’t use.
  • Learn the cost of adding the specifications you did not buy yesterday because you did not need them if they are needed today.
  • Think that how long it takes a normal employee of you to complete the works that the software manages before using the software and that how much this software will contribute to your efficiency by considering cost of your employee.